[[Mary, Queen of Songs]]

Primarch of Falthan, Duchess of the Twelve Stars, the Last Din’Luvion, the Slayer of Runa√≠rvorst, the Singing Lady… Mary, Queen of Songs, quite possibly has more titles and stories told of her than any other person.

Many tales feature her as the wandering hero, a halfling bard who could out-sing a bird or out-bellow a dragon. Many tales sing of her guile and cunning, her tricks and jibes that have brought the mightiest low; many more are sung of her courage and valor, defending those unable to protect themselves. The earliest stories of her date back easily a thousand years; the most recent confirmed sighting was a century ago. It is said that she is immortal, and her heart beats to the rhythm of music, and as long as music is played, it will always beat. Others believe the original Mary died centuries ago, and there have since been a long line of bards who take up the name when times are dire.

Those who think her to be immortal sing one particular song – the Tale of the Thrice Blessed Listener. It sings of an elf who heard the Singing Lady perform once as a child, who listened as an adult when she came to court, and whose passing was eased by a final visit from Mary Songqueen, singing him to his final sleep.

Another tale is told of her wrath. An ambitiously stupid mage got clever and managed to Imprison her beneath the earth. According to the story, she didn’t die because she could still hum, so the music in her heart never lost its beat. For 2 years, she sang her way from the dirt, shattering stone with her voice. When finally freed, she immediately composed an opera that somehow used the mage’s True Name to turn him into a planar beacon for anything that might be hungry or wanting a soul to add to its collection. No one has been foolish enough to attempt to imprison her since.

[[Mary, Queen of Songs]]

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